Postal Annex Campaign Concepts

  • Client :
    Art Director assignment
  • Year :

I served as Art Director for a freelance assignment for a Los Angeles Creative Director for his client, a PostalAnnex franchisee with multiple franchises. My assignment was to concept, write, and design a series of storefront vinyl banners (8′ x 3′) to peak curiosity and get people into the stores to see their new line of retro and nostalgic toys and novelties. The company’s goal was to get curious onlookers to see the toys and be exposed to, and informed about, PostalAnnex’s other services, including shipping and mailbox rentals.

The banners were to be a series of three: 1) highlight shipping, 2) highlight mailboxes, 3) focus on the fun toys.

I chose to show iconic retro toys with headlines written in a fun voice and a humorous twist. The design uses a light-brown cardboard box as the background, a PostalAnnex-red corner swipe with a payoff message (“Retro Toys Inside!”), and headlines done in Postal Annex-blue. Overall, the corner swipe and toy images are bright and bracket the headline in a balanced way.